It didn’t just happen, ultimately betrayal never does.
It didn’t start with a furtive conversation about when, where, how much.
No, it started long before that, with little things, maybe in Cana, water, wine, remember Jesus said it wasn’t time.
Maybe it was nourished by calm waters, Peace be still.
Could the blind seeing, the lame walking, Lazarus coming forth, have been the tipping stones for Judas?
Little glimpses, ideas, thoughts, dreams of power, of what could be, caused him to attempt to manipulate God’s vision of Messiah
Into his vision of Messiah, a kingdom of his own creation.
Isn’t that what the ultimate act of betrayal is about,
Manipulating God’s vision into his vision?
It wasn’t the money, he tried to give it back, ultimately threw it away,
His suicide confirming a vision misguided, misunderstood, manipulative.
A betrayal so profound, so heinous, so destructive
Followers commemorate it, break the bread, drink the wine
And then forget its meaning
As we set forth to build kingdoms of own creation
Manipulating the vision to fit what we want, desire,
It starts in the little things you know, this creating in our own image,
rather than turn the other cheek,
We speak hatefully, spiteful, must get even, divisive
Love neighbor as self, no they must believe like I believe, live like I live, look like I look
blessed are the peacemakers, in our Kingdom we want winners, gotta be right, lines drawn in the sand
the meek, who are you kidding, must take charge, set the agenda, justice for those we think deserve justice
The poor in spirit, those who mourn,
Don’t want those losers, haters gonna hate, choose a side, take a stand
God’s vision, not sure that works for us
God’s Kingdom becoming a kingdom that suits us
Isn’t that the ultimate betrayal even as we break the bread and drink the wine.